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  • Cielito Newsletter¬† - Spring

    Welcome to our latest newsletter, covering all the things going on at Cielito this Spring. Lots of great classes to get you moving as well as new projects to entice your creativity buds. 


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Top 10 favourite tangos of the week

1. La yumba - Osvaldo pugliese (tango), great to let off steam

2. Caricias - Rudolfo Biagi (tango), rediscovered in a class recently and great for barridas

3. No mientas - Juan D'Arienzo (tango), old time favourit, so many things to dance on

4. Luna de Arrabal - Miguel Villasboas (vals), this orchestra is a new old rediscovery, say what. yes don't worry.

5. La cucaracha - Lomuto (candombe), anyone have a good quality version of this, still looking after all these years.

6. Tres Jolie - Francisco Canaro (vals), fun and suprising for people when i dj with it sometimes.

7. Milonga Vieja - Miguel Villasboas (milonga), brings memories of a fun performance i saw in Buenos aires one time.

8. Boedo - Julio de Caro (tango), hidden surpises and so much to unexpectedly dance on with this guy.

9. El acomodo - Edgarto Donato (tango), such a great piece for steadiness while being super rhythmical

10. A media luz - Roberto Firpo (tango), beautiful classic