About Cielito

Our vision 

Cielito is dedicated to many different kinds of projects, all working towards creating community through learning. In particular Argentine tango and culture, through collaboration everything within the arts in the broadest sense of the word. By understanding other cultures and learning new things we come into deeper contact with our heritage and ourselves. Building community by bringing smaller groups of people together, achieving more than the sum of individuals.

History timeline

Cielito opened in 2002, starting out as an Argentine tango business.

The name Isolde worked under while setting up and/or running tango scenes (including collaborations) in plymouth,  penzance, saltash, taunton, bath, hereford, malvern. Supporting others with regular teaching including leicester, norwich, southampton dorchester.

First performance group 2004

Cielito became a dutch business in 2009

Start of the performance group project in 2010

STUDIO Cielito opened its doors in 6 September 2014

ACADEMIA Cielito opened as a new concept and approach to teaching bringing together years of research and experience by Isolde Kanikani

Collaborations with other organisations and businesses include:

UITFEEST, FONS & WILLY dansen, Dance anywhere performance, Duik Het zand, CALL TO THE MALL, Arundel summer festval & circus fantasia, Bristol Balloon fiesta, Bristol Pride festival, Cardiff international food festival, EMBRACE MILONGA, TUINHUIS MILONGA, STAG milonga Groningen, Hoog catherijne winkel centrum, VUUROL, Nederlandse Klomp, Cultuur 19, Archeon, ZIHICH, Burgers Zoo, Arnhem, Muzikaal Terwijde festival,  La Vita, Lampegieter festival, DOE DANS festival, Waterwin festival, D@BEURENKEUL, Pe'je af, Fete de la muzique, Malena, Omval theater, Neo tango Rave, PLAY, El GAUCHOS, Dream Dance holidays, OPEN PODIUM, Leidsche Rijn Bibliotheek, ORFEST,  KUNST markt

Tango scenes:

Hereford, Southampton, Brighton, Leicester, Malvern, Penzance, Totnes, Bath, Bristol, Taunton, Plymouth, Dartmouth, Dorchester, Cambridge, Manchester, Colchester, Arundel, Cardiff,

Utrecht, Maastricht, Gouda, Emmen, Zwolle, Groningen, Amersfoort, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Zoetermeer, Veenendaal,Leeuwarden, Heerenveen, Heerlen,